Leaf Camera Install Guide

This installation guide is specific for setting up the Leaf Camera for the Helium Network.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

SIM installation

Step 4

Battery charging information

Step 5

CBRS connect

Step 6

Add device

Step 7


Step 8

Mounting process

Step 9

Finish you physical installation

Step 1

- Preparation

We're going to show you how to set up and install your MosoLabs Leaf Camera.

Everything you need to get started is included in the box.

Step 2

- Signup

Download the Mosolabs app from the google play or the apple app store.

Follow the steps in the MOSO app to finish setting up your Leaf Camera.

1. Let's set up your locations by entering your address. Note that the App will not provide an address format suggestion.

2. Give your new home a name.

3. Are you expecting to set up the devices in a certain area or room?

4. Confirm Your Address to start pairing the device to your home.

Step 3

- SIM installation

1. To insert the SIM card, use a screwdriver to loosen the screw on the left cover, but do not completely remove it.

2. To open the cover, use the screwdriver to pull the screw up to reveal the cover seam, and rotate it clockwise to open it.

3. Put the SIM card in the battery camera. Because of the missing corners, it can only be loaded in a specific orientation.

4.Use your fingertips to press the SIM CARD into the device, then return the cover to its original position.

Step 4

- Battery charging information

1. You can charge your camera battery using the Micro USB cable. (Please make sure it is fully charged for first time use)

Solid Red - The battery pack is charging.
Solid Green - The charging is complete.

2. Slide the battery pack to the camera

You can expect the LED to turn solid blue as the device boots up.

Step 5

- CBRS connect

After the camera successfully boots up, it will try to connect to the network with the LED quickly flashing green.

1. When the network is connected successfully, the LED still is quickly flashing green.

2.When the network is connected successfully, the audio is "mobile network is connected,please scan the QRcode"

The first time CBRS connection will take up to 2 min. So please wait patiently.

Cannot add device to server after reseting more than 5 minutes

Step 6

- Add device

1. Find the "Add Devices" icon on the top right corner of the Dashboard.

2. Choose your device category.

Step 7

- Pairing

1. After reading the installation guide or video from the mobile app, tap next to start scanning the QR code.

2. You can find the QR code found on the bottom of the device.

3. Now scan the QR code by placing the QR code.

4. Waiting for device to connect server. Depending on the network strength and speed, this step can takes up to 4 minutes.

5. You device is added to your home successfully. Now you can choose to add it to a certain room or area, whether existed or newly created, or just add it under the home.

Step 8

- Mounting process

1. Using the included wall mount and screw kit, you can place the mount on any flat surface inside or outside of your home.

2. Position the wall mount with the arrow pointing upward, then use the included screws to secure the mount to the surface.

3. Next, secure the camera into the mount rotating clockwise until the camera is firmly screwed in.

4. Test the battery camera to make sure it's securely mounted

Step 9

- Finish you physical installation

Now you can use Leaf camera to protect your home.

To learn more, visit the Mosolabs help center.