Leaf Doorbell Install Guide

This installation guide is specific for setting up the Leaf Doorbell for the Helium Network.


Step 1


Step 2

HW check

Step 3

Power off

Step 4

Connecting the jumper cable

Step 5


Step 6

SIM installation

Step 7

Wall mounting preparation

Step 8

AC power connection

Step 9

Mounting process

Step 10

Connect to the CBRS network

Step 11

Add device

Step 12


Step 13

Finish you physical installation

Step 1

- Preparation

We're going to show you how to set up and install your MosoLabs Leaf Camera.

Everything you need to get started is included in the box.

You may also need the following:
1) pencil
2) phillips head screwdriver
3) drill
4) 3/32 inch or 2 millimeter drill bit
5) quarter inch or 6 millimeter masonry bit
6) rubber mallet or hammer

Step 2

- HW check

Your Leaf Doorbell gets its power by being wired to a compatible doorbell system or power supply.

If your home has a wired doorbell system, it is powered by a doorbell transformer like this.

To work with your new Leaf Doorbell, your transformer must meet these specs (10-24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10-40 VA). Doorbell transformers are usually mounted in an out of the way place near the doorbell chime like an attic, closet, or an electrical box.

Step 3

- Power off

Before you do anything else, you must turn off power on the breaker box. If you're not sure which breaker to turn off, contact an electrician for help.

Try ringing your doorbell to confirm you've turned off the right switch.

Step 4

- Connecting the jumper cable

This step is optional - continue with this step if you want to use your existing doorbell chime. If you don't do this step, you will only be alerted for doorbell rings via the MosoLabs App.

Now that the power is off, let's install the included jumper cable in your doorbell chime.

First, remove its cover. Then, loosen the terminal screws marked "Front" and "Trans", taking care to leave the existing doorbell wires in place.

Connect the jumper cable to these terminals and tighten the screws, and just pop the cover back on

Step 5

- Signup

Download the MosoLabs app from the google play or the apple app store.

Follow the steps in the MosoLabs app to finish setting up your Leaf Doorbell.

1. Let's set up your locations by entering your address. Note that the app will not provide an address format suggestion.

2. Give your new home a name.

3. Add the location/room where you set up the doorbell

4. Confirm your address to start pairing the device to your home.

Step 6

- SIM installation

New Moso Leaf Doorbells ship with SIM cards pre-installed

1. Open SIM cover on the back by pulling up from the bottom of the cover. Rotate it clockwise to reveal the SIM card slot.

2. Check if there is a SIM card installed - if yes, skip to step 5. Check that the SIM card slot is not bent - if it is, contact us at support@mosolabs.com

Do not directly open the SIM cover at an excessive angle, as it will cause damage to the cover.

3. To open the SIM slot, pull up on the metal SIM card cover. After feeling a click, flip the metal cover up to insert the SIM card.

4. Place the new SIM card in the metal slot with the cut out fon the bottom right.

5. Close the metal cage and push it down lightly, then return the cover to its original position.

Step 7

- Wall mounting preparation

1. Remove your old doorbell and any additional hardware. If your old device is a video doorbell. remove any wire connectors since they may not work with your Leaf Doorbell.

2. Unscrew it from the wall and disconnect the wires. We'll need access to those wires, so make sure they don't fall back into the wall.

3. You also want to make sure the location you chose has a 2.25in or 5.5cm space below the doorbell.

4. For hard surfaces like stucco or brick, you'll use the included wall anchors to attach the base plate or wedge to the wall.

5. Drill a hole for each anchor using a 1/4in or 6mm masonry bit. Then gently tap in the anchors with a rubber mallet or hammer.

Step 8

- AC power connection

Next, connect the doorbell wires to your Leaf Doorbell.

1. Loosen both terminal screws on the back. Then, loop a doorbell wire around each one. Now use the wire connectors provided to wire your doorbell - they will help avoid the wires touching each other or the base plate. Press down on the release tab to insert each wire. It doesn't matter which wire goes into each connector. Now use a phillips head screwdriver to connect the other end of the wire connector to the doorbell. Be careful to not over tighten.

2. Slide the doorbell in and down until you feel it lock into place.

3. Now turn the power back on.

You can expect the LED to turn solid blue as the device boots up.

Step 9

- Mounting process

1. Slide out the doorbell.

2. Push the wires into the wall making sure the wires are positioned down towards the bottom of the doorbell.

3. Then, mount your Leaf Doorbell using these screws.

4. Slide the doorbell in then down until you feel it lock into place It may take a moment for your Leaf Doorbell to power on. You'll know it's ready once it lights up.

5. To secure it, get the special security screw form bag B. Never use any other type of screw to secure the faceplate. Insert the security screw into the bottom of your doorbell and tighten it.

6. Test the doorbell to make sure it's securely mounted.

Step 10

- Connect to the CBRS network

1. After the doorbell is powered on, you will see the LED slowly blinking blue during bootup.

2. After successful bootup, the doorbell will try to connect to the network with the LED quickly flashing green.

3. When the doorbell connects to the network successfully, the LED will continue quickly blinking green.

4. After connecting to the network, the doorbell will announce "mobile network is connected, please scan the QR code"

It could take up to 2 minutes for your doorbell to connect to your CBRS network the first time. Please be patient.

If the doorbell cannot connect to the network within 5 minutes of powering on - you will have to power cycle the doorbell. To power cycle the doorbell, remove it from the mount and then reattach the doorbell to the mount.

Step 11

- Add device

1. Find the "Add Devices" icon on the top right corner of the Dashboard.

2. Choose your device category.

Step 12

- Pairing

1. After reading the installation guide or video from the mobile app, tap next to start scanning the QR code.

2. You can find the QR code found on the top of the device.

3. Wait for doorbell to connect to the server. Depending on the network strength and speed, this step can take up to 4 minutes.

4. Your device is added to your home successfully. Now you can choose to add it to a certain room or area, whether existed or newly created, or just add it under the home.

Step 13

- Finish you physical installation

Now you can use Leaf Doorbell to protect your home.

To learn more, visit the Mosolabs help center.