This installation guide is specific for setting up the MosoLabs Outdoor Small Cell for the Pollen network.

Installation Steps

Step 1 – Preparation
Step 2 – Initial Connectivity Setup
Step 3 – Ethernet Connectivity Setup
Step 4 – Outdoor Small Cell Installation
Step 5 – Small Cell SAS Registration

Step 1 - Preparation

Before you install your small cell, it is recommended that you unbox your small cell and become familiar with the kit contents.

IMPORTANT: Your Moso Flower is built to work with Pollen Greenhouse. You should complete this setup guide through Step 4.9 BEFORE scanning the QR code on the unit.

After Step 4.9, scan the QR code on the front of your Moso Flower to access Pollen's Botanist which will show you the status of your installation, help you complete your provisioning process, and provide access to your NFT.

More info on Botanist and how it works here: Pollen Botanist

For any Pollen specific questions during your setup, you can check

MosoLabs outdoor small cell kit contents

Additional Required NOT INCLUDED Items

You will not need all of these, for example, only one mounting mechanism is required.

Here is a helpful explanation of different ethernet

Step 2 - Ethernet Connectivity Setup

To start, we will prepare the Ethernet cable that will provide power and data connectivity for your outdoor small cell. You will need to confirm where you will connect both ends of the outdoor-rated Ethernet cable.

STEP 2.1 - Connect POE+ Injector

Connect the included POE+ Injector to a wall socket or a UPS. The POE+ injector should be installed indoors as it is not weatherproof. Extension cords (especially daisy-chained) are not recommended.

STEP 2.2 - Connect Ethernet cable to POE+ Injector

Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the port labeled LAN on the POE+ injector. 

Connect the other end of this cable to your internet router (whichever internet source you are using to provide internet to your small cell).

STEP 2.3 - Connect POE+ Ethernet Cable to the POE+ Injector

Connect an outdoor-rated Ethernet cable to the port labeled “POE” on the POE+ injector. The length of this cable should be long enough to reach the permanent location where you want to deploy the small cell. This will be the only cable that you need to route outside.

NOTE: Ethernet cables must be 330ft/100m or less in total length.

Here is an example: Outdoor Rated Cable

STEP 2.4 - Connect POE+ Ethernet cable to the Outdoor Small Cell

Assemble the weather seal around the end of your Ethernet cable.

Connect the other end of the outdoor rated Ethernet cable to the Outdoor small cell POE+ labeled port.

Note: The rubber seal splits so it can be attached around the cable easily

Run the other end of the outdoor rated Ethernet cable outdoors and confirm that the cable will reach the planned outdoor small cell installation site.

Note that the Ethernet cable will connect to the outdoor small cell POE+ labeled port (the top Ethernet port with a weatherproof dust cap) as shown in the picture.

On To Part 2!

Now that we have our Ethernet cable setup and run to our install location, you are ready to proceed to the outdoor installation/mounting and registration in the next steps.

Pollen - Outdoor Small Cell Install Guide - Part 2